Back On The Learning Curve: MatadorU

I took the plunge, and decided to invest in my career as a writer. I’ve had plenty of book-learnin, given my master’s degree in music (which involved a lot more library time than you might think). I’ve also done plenty of traveling, and plan on doing a whole lot more. So it only made sense that I learn to write about my travels in a way that could make me some travel money! As much as I love freelancing here in New York, the daily grind can get old very quickly. I needed a new project, and instead of doing my usual flitting about, I decided to put some money into it so I can focus in on something I care about.

I’ve enrolled in MatadorU’s online course in the Fundamentals of Travel Writing.

Matador is the world’s largest independent travel publisher, with over 9 million unique monthly visitors. Since 2006, we’ve redefined travel media by developing a global network of editors, writers, photographers, and filmmakers who’ve won numerous awards and pushed the limits of what’s possible as freelance travel storytellers.”

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve always approached my life and career from a somewhat practical standpoint. I rarely make decisions that seem “sensible” to an outside observer, but I’ve been careful to make bets I feel confident about. I don’t sit at home, afraid to conquer the world, but I’m not the kind of conquerer who runs in headfirst without doing some analytical consideration.

Enrolling in MatadorU felt kind of reckless, but I’m really glad I did it. By investing a few hundred dollars in a skill I’m passionate about, I’m investing in my current and future happiness. I’ve already gotten opportunities to publish articles in the Matador network, and I have a great network to utilize while I’m growing as a writer.

I’ll be sharing some of my assignments here on my blog. I’m also planning to import my travel entries from 2010-present, including the year I spent in Sarajevo. Be sure to check it out!


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