I’m an Editor

So time flies when you’re having fun…

Several weeks ago, I was hired as the new editor of Knote.com. I’ve been writing for Knote since last October, and most of my writing portfolio consists of Knote pieces. The team is great, and I jumped at the opportunity to become editor! I’m working with several people from Knotable, a great new teamwork software that will eliminate the need for endless reply-all emails that accomplish nothing.

Because life is like that, I was hired at Knote about two days after I started my course at MatadorU. I’m putting my travel writing journey on the back burner until the summer, when I’ll have a little more time to develop. I did travel to Key West last week, and am really excited to put together some photos and stories. I’m heading back in a few weeks for the same gig, and I’m hoping by the time I return to the Northeast the snow will be done for the season.

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